Trading at Doncaster Auto Show 2022

Trading at

Doncaster Auto Show 2022

Doncaster Auto Show 2022, July 24th 2022 Doncaster Racecourse DN4 5HH
Trading at Doncaster Autoshow puts your business in front of thousands of petrol heads and is a great way for any brand to engage with customers. 
Stands are available in 3m lengths allowing space for your products, a gazebo or a demonstration vehicle. (Multiple stands can be purchased if you need more space)
They include entry for 2 adults and 1 vehicle plus 1 car trophy sponsorship. Outdoor Trade stands will have space for a van/car behind them. Inside we ask that any vehicles not on show are parked in our free public car park.
We have additional Trophies available to sponsor for £20.
With more categories than ever the trophy presentation is a great way to get your business mentioned in front of a large crowd at the end of the show.
Our trade stands are located in a prime area in front of the main grandstand. Indoors we try where possible to put trade stands in busier areas such as near doors, food areas etc. 
Please note, traders must arrive to the show between 7 and 8am. If you opt for an inside trade pitch you will be required to set up on Saturday 23rd July arriving to site between 11am and 1pm. 
Due to local residents we ask politely if any demo cars can be as quiet as possible on entering the site.
All traders need public liability insurance and if products are made in house, product liability insurance.
Please email this to [email protected] at least 2 weeks prior to the show.
We reserve the right to cancel your booking if this is not provided. 
We ask you to get in touch via email to [email protected] before booking to ensure we have availability for your business as we try not to have too many stalls selling the same products. 
‘Media passes: We welcome anyone to come along to the show and enjoy photographing the vehicles. However if you plan to sell these images or watermark them beyond a resonable size to promote your business we will require you to purchase a media pass. The media pass will get you early entry to the show from 8am. If you don’t plan to sell your images but would like early bird entry please drop us an email and we will swap you an early entry ticket for an image of the event of your choice.’
Media pass £50 
Booking Prices:
> 3m outdoor trade stand £50
>3m indoor trade stand £100
> Trophy sponsorship £20
Tickets Coming Soon!

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